Order process

What is the process for ordering a DB5 Junior?

  1. To secure a build slot for a DB5 Junior, please contact a member of The Little Car Company team: db5(AT) The team will check build slot availability. Should a build slot be available, clients are asked to place a £5,000 security deposit. This deposit is entirely refundable up until you place your final order for the car.
  2. A member of the team will work with you to design your dream car.
  3. Once specification has been confirmed, a Full Order Form will be sent to you for completion and should be returned to The Little Car Company. During this process, should you have any queries, the Little Car Company team will be on hand to advise.
  4. We will introduce you to a specialist company to handle your delivery, customs, VAT and other import requirements. A member of The Little Car Company team will be included in discussions to support where necessary.
  5. Full order invoices will be sent to you for payment within 7 days.
  6. Production of your DB5 Junior will begin.
  7. The Little Car Company team will be in contact to confirm and arrange a final delivery (or collection) date.
  8. Your DB5 Junior will arrive and be ready for you to enjoy!


My name is on the waiting list. How likely am I to get a car?

For those who did not make it onto the initial build list, a waiting list will be in operation based on a first-come, first-served basis. Should a client on the build list choose not to proceed with their reservation, or they do not place their deposit in a reasonable amount of time, the next person on the waiting list will be offered the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition DB5 Junior.


Are build slots transferable to another individual?

All build slots are non-transferable but a full refund can be requested at any time up until your final order is placed.

Technical Information

How has the car been developed?

The DB5 Junior has been developed using a full 3D scan of an original 1963 Aston Martin DB5. The proportions have been shrunk to 66%, and the design adjusted where appropriate for a modern electric powertrain.

How can I be sure my car is an authentic Aston Martin DB5 Junior?

All cars will come with a certificate of authenticity, and we will hold a register of owners. Should you ever wish to sell your DB5 Junior, we are able to exchange the certificate of authenticity for one with the new owner’s details.


What is the estimated top speed?

The DB5 Junior is available in two model types – the DB5 Junior and the DB5 Vantage Junior. Each model has a variety of driving modes to suit every driver. The standard DB5 Junior has up to 5kW of power, whilst the DB5 Vantage Junior increases to 10kW peak power. Top speeds will be determined during the testing phase of the DB5 Junior and communicated to clients in due course. It is also recommended that a helmet is worn by all persons within the vehicle.


What will be the range of the DB5 Junior?

The range of the DB5 Juniors will ultimately depend on how the car is being driven, but a fully charged vehicle should equate to approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours’ driving time or 30-60km+, depending on driving style and battery option selected.


How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

The battery should take approximately 3-5 hours to fully charge, depending on model purchased. Additional batteries will be also be available for purchase as an optional extra; these can be swapped for discharged ones.


How big is the DB5 Junior? Is it for adults or children?

The DB5 Junior is designed to fit an adult up to 200cm tall, depending on their build. The overall sizes of the vehicle are approximately:

• Length: 3.05m
• Width: 1.12m
• Height (from floor to top of windscreen): 0.88m
• Wheelbase: 1.66m

Our brand philosophy is to produce beautiful cars that allow our clients to share the love of driving across generations. Whilst the decision of who is allowed to drive the car remains at the discretion of clients, the built-in cushion booster does also allow for smaller drivers. The vehicle is designed as a recreational vehicle only. Therefore, it is recommended for use only by persons of the age of 14 or older. If driven by a minor between the ages of 14 and 18, then it may only be used under competent adult supervision.


Does the DB5 Junior come with a warranty? What does the warranty cover and for how long?

All vehicles will be supplied with a 12 month warranty from delivery. In the unlikely event of any manufacturing faults, failure of parts or mechanical failures, these will be covered by the warranty. Claims that fall outside of the scope of this warranty include:

– Paint scratches, or damage that occurs after acceptance of the car
– Damage due to wear and tear / crash damage
– Problems caused by poor maintenance
– Anything on a car which has been modified from its original specification

The Little Car Company reserves the right to inspect the vehicle and judge the cause of the problem before committing to any warranty claims. If there is a failure after the end of the warranty period, The Little Car Company will remain available to help where possible and can arrange delivery of spare parts worldwide for local repairs.


How much is the security deposit and is it refundable?

The security deposit is £5,000 and is fully refundable at any point until you confirm the final specifications of your DB5 Junior. This deposit can be paid either via credit/debit card or bank transfer. After you confirm the specifications, the full order invoice will be raised and payment becomes due.


Is UK VAT applicable?
VAT is not applicable on the £5,000 security deposit payment, but where appropriate will be applied to the client’s final invoice at the UK VAT rate of 20%. Where the vehicle is designed for export outside the EU, VAT may not need to be charged, however the client will be liable for any required import taxes or duties in the country of final destination.


How much is the total cost of the DB5 Junior and when is final payment required?

The standard DB5 Junior starts from £35,000 and the DB5 Vantage Junior starts from £45,000 (excluding taxes and delivery). Clients are able to choose from a vast selection of optional extras, which can be purchased to further customise your car.
Clients will have seven days from receipt of the full order invoice to arrange a bank transfer of the full amount. Once funds are received, production of your DB5 Junior will begin.

Delivery & Beyond

When will my DB5 Junior be ready?

Completion of your order is dependent on your allocated build slot and specification. The Little Car Company team will ensure you are kept up to date on delivery timelines throughout. Please note, build slot numbers are provisional and subject to change as a result of delayed payment of security deposits.


Who is responsible for import costs?

Import logistics and duties will remain the responsibility of the client, however, The Little Car Company will be on hand to help through every stage of the process.


Will the lithium batteries be sent within the vehicle itself?

Due to the potential complexities surrounding the shipment of lithium batteries, it may be necessary to send these separately to the DB5 Junior. This will depend on the destination country and applicable legislation, details of which will be communicated to clients in advance of final delivery.


Who are The Little Car Company and what other benefits are there as a DB5 Junior Owner?

The Little Car Company are the world experts in producing exceptional junior cars in partnership with the most elite car manufacturers. This unique partnership guarantees that every vehicle is an official licensed product of the brand. We expertly hand-build each car in the UK, and it is this level of care and attention that delivers the high quality for which we are famed. Our brand philosophy is to produce beautiful cars that allow our clients to share the love of driving across generations, and encourage every driver to create memorable experiences today, and for years to come.

All owners of DB5 Juniors will have automatic membership of The Little Car Club. As part of the club you will be invited to exclusive The Little Car Company events where you can drive your car, and others from the The Little Car Company range. We will also keep in touch, predominately via email, with the latest upgrades, options and news on the cars.

Should you have a question that is not covered in the above, please do not hesitate to contact The Little Car Company team via email using the details listed below.