Introducing the Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition

We are delighted to introduce the BUGATTI Baby II Carbon Edition, inspired by the BUGATTI W16 MISTRAL ROADSTER.

A limited-edition carbon-inspired new Bugatti Baby II has been created exclusively for W16 Mistral owners. Developed in partnership with BUGATTI and hand built to each customer’s specifications, the BUGATTI Baby II Carbon Edition follows the exterior and interior detailing of the W16 Mistral, making it the ideal addition to Bugatti’s ultimate roadster.

Based on an advanced carbon fibre architecture, the Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition is a design and engineering tribute to the W16 Mistral, the last road-going Bugatti model to feature the legendary W16 engine.

Every customer has the option to tailor their new Bugatti Baby II to their very own W16 Mistral specifications, making it a truly unique model.

To accompany bespoke paintwork and individual design specifications, the exclusive Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition incorporates numerous carbon features. Visible carbon elements grace the radiator and grill, dashboard panel, interior panels and mirror mount while the bespoke black wood steering wheel is finished with a carbon centre.

A series of beautifully painted black components add an intricate depth to the visual finish of the Carbon Edition. The spare wheel, spare wheel bracket and straps have all been removed, to make the vehicle lighter.

In honour of Bugatti’s home country, W16 Mistral owners can have the side of their Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition carefully hand-painted with the French flag.

The headlights of the Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition are beautifully enclosed within a horizontal LED styling, a design tribute to the W16 Mistral’s headlights. Inside, each new Bugatti Baby II is adorned with a custom engraved internal panel, displaying the chassis number and model name.

Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director at Bugatti International, said: “The new Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition takes inspiration from our “Form Follows Performance” philosophy; an ethos that has informed and ensured that all of Bugatti’s automobiles, lifestyle products and experiences meet the highest standards, be that in quality, luxury, design and performance.”

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, commented: “The Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition will be the ultimate collector’s item for those lucky W16 Mistral owners. We are honoured that Bugatti wanted to collaborate on this beautiful edition.”

The Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition is priced at €80,000 plus taxes and shipping. For further information on the strictly limited-edition Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition, visit

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