Limitless Personalization
The Little Car Company Looks Back at The First 100 Bugatti Baby II’s

The Hundredth Commission 

Purchased by Mr Sasan Azimi, an avid car enthusiast based in The Netherlands, the 100th Bugatti Baby II marks a milestone for Bugatti and The Little Car Company.

A passionate collector of the world’s most exclusive cars, Mr Azimi commissioned his very own Bugatti Baby II Vitesse after learning about the remarkable history of the Bugatti Type 35. On the 110th anniversary of Bugatti, he also discovered the story of the Bugatti Baby I – created by Ettore Bugatti – and that The Little Car Company were producing the Bugatti Baby II, in partnership with Bugatti. 

Joining other exclusive cars in his garage, Mr Azimi carefully personalised his Baby II to match the first racing Bugatti Type 35 he ever saw on exhibition. His vehicle features the renowned (Chiron) French Racing Blue exterior and boasts a Lake Blue interior, matching that of the racing car he saw many years ago.   

Commenting on his one-of-a-kind vehicle, Mr Azimi said: “The Bugatti Baby II is amazing quality overall. Its handmade finishing, its hidden details from Bugattis past and present and finally, the astonishing performances not only in acceleration but even more impressive in braking.

“I’m extremely happy to be part of the 500 lucky owners of this collector’s item. On top of this, having the privilege to have been delivered my Bugatti Baby II – the 100th delivered worldwide – on my birthday, made it an unforgettable day for my family and I.”

Limitless Personalisation

Built-in partnership with Bugatti, the Bugatti Baby II is a contemporary tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s original masterpiece, the Bugatti Baby, built-in 1926. The vehicle was developed to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary and is not only significant in preserving the history of the Bugatti marque, but also inspiring a new generation of young Bugatti enthusiasts.

Like any true Bugatti, the purchase of a Bugatti Baby II means an abundance of personalization options. When it comes to specifying their Baby II, clients can choose from over 160 combinations across the Vitesse and Pur Sang models, with a range of additional extras and accessories that can be selected to create the perfect Bugatti. And if an individual can’t find exactly what they are looking for, The Little Car Company’s bespoke division will find the solution – whether it’s colour matching or enhancing the vehicle with additional fittings.  

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, commented: “As with any luxury brand, The Little Car Company can offer a number of personalization options, which clients love to explore when specifying their vehicle. 

“We have commissioned a wide variety of Bugatti Baby II examples, some of which have included vehicles for owners of the original Bugatti Baby from 1926, where they have asked for us to match the colour of their new Baby II to their original. We’ve also had a number of original Bugatti Type 35 owners match their Baby II to their racing car. Some clients who own modern Bugatti examples, such as the Chiron 300+ and the extremely rare Bugatti Divo, have also completed their Bugatti Baby II to a similar specification. One Bugatti customer recently took delivery of his new Chiron Super Sport 300+ and certified Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition by ‘La Maison Pur Sang’, alongside six Bugatti Baby II models in bright spring colours – one for each of his six children.” 

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