Pacco Gara Launch | Ferrari Testa Rossa J

Racing heritage reimagined: The Little Car Company launch special edition ‘Pacco Gara’ Ferrari Testa Rossa J 

  • The Little Car Company will publicly unveil the Pacco Gara Ferrari Testa Rossa J at the International Concours of Elegance in St Moritz in February
  • The Pacco Gara brings a broad range of aesthetic and performance upgrades to the Testa Rossa J
  • Enhancements include a boost of power, taking its total power output to 14kW
  • This special edition of the Testa Rossa J celebrates the monumental racing pedigree of the Italian marque’s Le Mans winning legend

The Little Car Company, in partnership with Ferrari, has launched a special edition of the Ferrari Testa Rossa J to further celebrate the racing history of the marque. The Ferrari Testa Rossa J is a fully electric 75% scale reproduction of the legendary 250 Testa Rossa, which powered Ferrari to Le Mans glory three times.

The Pacco Gara special edition will bring a range of upgrades to accentuate the racing DNA of the Testa Rossa J. The addition of a racing roll cage offers extra protection for those drivers wishing to enjoy their Testa Rossa J in racing environments. A bolt-on modification, the roll cage will be removable, offering clients the freedom to alternate the appearance of their Testa Rossa J.

Ferrari enthusiasts and collectors will appreciate the finer details as they step into the cockpit. The Pacco Gara offers a Sabelt racing harness for a true racing feel and is bolted to the chassis and rollhoop. Another nod to Ferrari’s monumental racing pedigree, Sabelt harnesses are also used on the Scuderia’s F1 cars – a further invitation to drive the Testa Rossa J like the original was intended to be driven. And true to the original 250 Testa Rossa, an additional exterior mirror has been fitted to the driver’s side, along with period-correct spotlights.

Bringing drivers closer to the feel of the original, the addition of adjustable dampers and brake bias enables them to tune the balance of their Testa Rossa J. Offering a more flexible and personal driving experience, the addition of the adjustable features will only increase the immersive and invigorating nature of the Ferrari Testa Rossa J.

Ensuring accuracy with the original vehicle, a tonneau cover over the passenger side has also been incorporated, in the same Ferrari leather as the interior of the car, which is offered in a variety of colour combinations, hand-selected by Ferrari’s Centro Stile.

Underneath the glorious aesthetic upgrades are a variety of performance enhancements that offer more power and give the driver of the Testa Rossa J an enriched racing experience. These discrete changes include drilled brake discs, and a quicker ratio steering rack, all creating a more responsive and track-focused car.

The biggest performance enhancement in the Pacco Gara edition of the Ferrari Testa Rossa J is its increased power to 14kw. Purely a software upgrade, this will take the Testa Rossa J from 16bhp to 19bhp. With the original 250 Testa Rossa a racing icon, a boost in power edges the Testa Rossa J closer to that inimitable performance.

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, said: “The Ferrari Testa Rossa J is a modern reimagining of not only one of motorsport’s most iconic racers, but also one of the most important cars of the 20th century. As we launch the new special Pacco Gara edition of the Testa Rossa J, a fine example of our close collaboration with the team at Ferrari, we have given it a racing boost, with exciting advancements to both the aesthetic of the car, and the overall performance.

“Our team has worked meticulously to ensure that each new feature of the Pacco Gara enhances the driving experience of the Testa Rossa J. Every element of the Pacco Gara has been developed with, and signed off by, the team at Maranello and is focused on paying homage to one of history’s great racers, while also offering drivers a substantial, tangible taste of what it feels like to be behind its wheel.


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