Terms & Conditions

The Little Car Company Referral Programme

Terms & Conditions

In these terms and conditions (the “Terms”), the words “we”, “us”, “our” or “the company” shall apply to The Little Car Company Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales with company number 11755294. The terms “you” or “yours” shall apply to you where you are an eligible customer of the company and have made a referral so as to become eligible for The Little Car Company Limited’s referral programme (the “Programme”).

  1. Eligibility:

You shall be eligible to participate in the Programme if:

  • You have ordered a Bugatti Baby II, Aston Martin DB5 Junior or Ferrari Testa Rossa J from the company and have paid a deposit to the company in respect of such vehicle;
  • You have made a referral (as described in paragraph 2 below); and
  • A potential customer (as defined in paragraph 2 below) whom you have referred to the company has ordered a vehicle from the company and has paid the deposit for such vehicle to the company.
  1. How to make a referral:
  • You may make a referral to any person (a “potential customer”) by any form of digital electronic communication by contacting such potential customer and copying your contact at The Little Car Company.
  • The company will contact the potential customer to confirm whether the potential customer intends to purchase a car and/or will confirm to such potential customer that their personal data will be deleted from the company’s system if they do not wish to make a purchase and do not wish for their data to be retained by the company.
  • If a potential customer whom you have referred to the company decides to purchase a vehicle and pays a deposit for such vehicle, then both you and the potential customer shall receive a voucher from the company as further described in paragraph 3 below.
  1. Benefits and terms of the referral programme:
  • If you have made a successful referral as set out in paragraph 2 above, and subject to paragraph 3 (b) below, each of you and the potential customer shall receive a voucher in the amount of EUR500 (a “voucher”).
  • When the potential customer has paid the deposit for a vehicle order, the company shall deliver to each of you and the potential customer such a voucher.
  1. Limitations and exclusions:
  • You may claim only one voucher per referred customer but you may claim one voucher for each new potential customer you refer.
  • The voucher is not redeemable for cash and may only be used towards making a purchase from the company’s accessory . You may use one or more vouchers at any one time when making a purchase.
  • A voucher is personal to you only and cannot be transferred or exchanged other than in respect of items on sale via the company’s accessory store.
  • This offer may be withdrawn or varied at any time at the company’s sole discretion without notice.
  • A voucher shall expire on the day falling 12 months from the date upon which the potential customer pays their deposit for their vehicle.
  • Nothing in these terms shall be deemed to create any contractual obligation between us, you, or a potential customer.
  • These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.