The Ultimate BUGATTI Handover Experience

We are delighted to share with you that earlier this month we took part in a very special handover to one of Bugatti’s most passionate collectors.

Chateau Saint-Jean, deep within the heart of BUGATTl’s home is the place where Ettore Bugatti used to receive his customers to celebrate the delivery of their new automobiles in true style. Now a BUGATTI collector and multi-owner wanted to relive this experience with his six children when picking up valuable milestones of BUGATTl’s most recent history for his collection.

Ready for delivery, six BUGATTI Baby II models finished in bright spring colours were lined up outside the Chateau St. Jean alongside a VEYRON 16.4. Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition and CHIRON Super Sport 300+.

Each Baby II was carefully curated for each of the owner’s children. Models in Helle Green, Pastel Orange, Italian Red, Jaune Molsheim, White and Dreyfus Blue, stood proudly, side by side forming a stunning spectacle at this historic site for the marque.

The modern-day Baby IIs are a continuation of BUGATTl’s legendary racing car, the Type 35, but are 25% smaller and reach a top speed up to 70 km/h. While the young owners immediately tested the speed, acceleration and agility of their “Babies” on the Molsheim grounds, their father was busy uncovering his new hyper sports cars.

His CHIRON Super Sport 300+ even came with a surprise guest: Andy Wallace, the man who achieved the legendary world record top speed of 304.773 mph in a SuperSport 300+ in September 2019.

The Baby II is designed to be enjoyed by any generation of driving enthusiast. The historic grounds of Château Saint-Jean provided the perfect environment for new owners, young and old, to become acquainted with their new Bugattis on a short drive; the children in their individual Bugatti Baby II and the father in his Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

Discover the BUGATTI Baby II at

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