Design Your Dream Bugatti Baby II | Augmented Reality Configurator Launch

Bespoke Bugatti brought to life: The Little Car Company launches cutting-edge Bugatti Baby II configurator

  • The Little Car Company launches innovative Bugatti Baby II configurator
  • Allows customers to design their own specification, personalised to their taste
  • Cutting-edge augmented reality technology places the customer’s design at 100% scale, directly in front of them via their device
  • To use the new configurator, please visit:

Encompassing the unique and personal style of the Bugatti Baby II, The Little Car Company has launched its all-new online Bugatti Baby II configurator. This cutting-edge configurator, developed in partnership with renowned software development agency, Ibisdev, gives customers the opportunity to design their very own specification, while viewing their creation in 3D augmented reality (AR). This innovative technology allows users to transport their Bugatti Baby II directly into their home, office or garage.

The joy evoked by a Bugatti Baby II now begins even before you get behind the wheel, and with The Little Car Company’s new configurator, customers can enjoy a truly unique personalisation process, as they commission their Baby II to their exacting requirements. Would-be customers will get complete freedom to style and design their Baby II, beginning with a choice of one of three models and body styles, before selecting from a broad range of exterior and interior designs and colours.

Honouring the tradition and history of the original Type 35, the colours and leathers that customers can choose from have been carefully curated to be period correct. Even the names of the colours are celebrations of Bugatti’s heritage, with the interior colours such as Helle Green and Raphanel Blue a testament to iconic drivers in Bugatti’s racing history. And for those with a more contemporary taste, there is a modern selection of colours, such as Bugatti Light Blue Sport, giving customers the ability to match their Baby II with their latest Bugatti.

To get a real taste for what their prospective Bugatti Baby II will look like, customers can use The Little Car Company’s innovative 3D AR tool. This cutting edge-technology, designed in-house by The Little Car Company, places the customers bespoke design directly in front of them on their device at 100% scale, so they can see exactly what their Bugatti Baby II will look like in their home, office or garage.

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, commented: “When you get behind the wheel of an iconic car, such as the Bugatti Baby II, it’s made all the much sweeter when you know your purchase has been personalised to your own specific, inimitable taste. And with the launch of our new configurator, the personalisation process that we offer our customers has been made even more immersive, detailed and bespoke.

“Our team has worked hard to ensure that customers can truly enjoy the process of choosing and designing their Bugatti Baby II, and our new AR configurator allows customers this pleasure all from the comfort of their own home, or wherever they chose to view their prospective Bugatti Baby II in-situ. We believe that we’ve created an end-to-end process that ensures customers will derive as much pleasure from the creation of their car as they get from driving it.”

Using the configurator, customers can choose from one of three versions: Base, Vitesse and Pur Sang. All versions of the Baby II are offered exclusively in rear-wheel drive with high-performance brakes, electric powertrain and selectable driving modes. The Base model comes with two modes; Novice, which is limited to 20kph (12mph) and 1kW (1.3bhp), and Expert, which is limited 45kph (30mph) and 4kW (5.4bhp).

The Vitesse and Pur Sang models include the Novice and Expert driving modes, complemented with the extra performance from an upgraded powertrain. Unlocked by the famed Bugatti Speed Key, this gives owners 10kW (13.4bhp) to play with, offering a top speed of 70kph (42mph). However, the Pur Sang model is formed of beautiful, hand-formed aluminium bodywork using the same traditional coachbuilding techniques as the original Type 35 and takes over 200 hours to complete.

The Bugatti Baby II is built in partnership with the famous French marque and is a contemporary tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s original Type 35 masterpiece from 1926. The vehicle was developed by Bugatti in partnership with The Little Car Company to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the iconic brand, preserving the history of Bugatti while simultaneously encouraging a new generation of Bugatti enthusiasts.

To configure your very own Bugatti Baby II, please visit:

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