This is the most fun EV in the world
TopGear sets the electric lap record at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track

Ferrari’s official factory test track celebrates its 50th birthday this year. In that half-century, it’s welcomed F1 champions, racing car royalty and been the boot camp for the 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and beyond. But in all those years, there’s never been an electric lap record at Fiorano. Not until Top Gear decided to set one…

Following the likes of Schumacher, Lauda, Alonso and Leclerc, TopGear’s Ollie Kew raced out on track on a scorching, 40 degree Italian summers day in pursuit of the very first, all electric lap of the infamous Fiorano circuit in the Ferrari Testa Rossa J.

The TRJ earned its stripes as the latest Ferrari model to be approved at the marques in house test track, a right of passage every Ferrari example has undergone before being delivered to customers since the tracks inauguration on 1972.

Despite a significant power deficit to the rest of the current prancing horse fleet, Ollie exploite

d all of the Testa Rossa J’s 12kW of power and pushed the limit of grip of it’s Pirelli clad Borrani wheels in the chase of tenths, exclaiming “This is the most fun EV in the world!” as the TRJ slid through the following corners of the 3km ribbon of tarmac at Ferrari’s homeland.

Ollie took the checkered flag with a time of 2:26:97, the now official electric lap record at Fiorano, at least until Ferrari’s next all electric model rolls off the production line…

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